Patch 1.9

(Thsese are the latest Updates to the game) Looking for more testers to help get this game going.

Patch 1.9

Well everyone I took like 4 days off and really hit it last night.
I am sure there are some bugs but it should be playable up to the end boss.
Please let me know if you find any errors like grammar spelling npc bugs ect.

finished (rough version of the temple) I will now focus on fixing when things are found out. No new update for a few days unless game ending bug.
added new npcs
new enemies
new boss
new dialogue
and more.

Patch 1.8

Arc 2 is officially underway and in the new update you get a glimpse at things to come.

I would like to note that Arc 2 is nowhere near done and honestly the new stuff is the opening and setup for the arc, but its still a good extra 10 minutes of gameplay to get you ready for the next patch.

-fixed more grammar error
-fixed more bugs
-added opening and setup for arc 2
-added new characters
-updated all software and plugins (this should stop the lag issue, let me know if it doesn’t)
-added new random enemy (Cliff snake)

More to come in the next patch I hope this gets you hyped for ARC 2


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Oct 07, 2017

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Great game, however still some minor spelling errors here and there. :)

Is the temple puzzle unsolvable? I've been trying to figure out the order of the Orb Pillars for the last 3 hours... Been almost a year since the last update of the game but oh well.